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Brilliant colour range is available for the first time from seed. Excellent branching puts more flowers on every plant. First-year flowering in both gallons and quarts Cheyenne Spirit features sought-after shades of red, orange, purple, scarlet, cream, yellow and white – all now available from economical seed!
Excellent genetics bring you extremely well-branched plants for more flowers on every plant – high-impact landscapes and fuller looking containers. This great branching also saves on chemical costs usually required to obtain a quality plant. Suitable for gallons and quarts, Cheyenne Spirit brings opportunities to offer product at various price points for differing market and retailer needs. It is also possible to plant one per quart to separate colours, if desired. This first year-flowering perennial is also suitable for traditional perennial production, making it easy for programmable production based upon grower conditions and methods. A First Year-Flowering Perennial. Supplied as raw seed with a 70% germination standard.
A Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner. All-America Selections winner 2013
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ECHINACEA hybrida CHEYENNE SPIRIT is available for purchase in increments of 100 seeds.

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Scientific Name:   Echinacea hybrida
Hardiness Zone:   4a - 10b
Hardiness Degree:   -30°F (-34.4°C)
Blooming Season:   Late Spring, Summer, Autumn, Late Summer
Plant Habit:   Upright
Water:   Light
Fertilizer:   Once a month
Spacing:   10 - 14" (25 - 36cm)
Height:   18 - 30" (46 - 76cm)
Width:   10 - 20" (25 - 51cm)
Exposure:   Sun
General Information:  
Excellent overwinter performance of drought-tolerant plants - a great display in the first year, it provides many seasons of incredible colour thereafter. Also a nice way to attract birds and butterflies.
Ideas & Tips:   Drought-tolerant plants are easy and need little care. Plant in full sun with well-drained soil for best overwinter performance.


Approximate seed count (raw): 7,400 to 7,600 S./oz. (260 to 270 S./g)

Use a well-drained, disease-free, soilless media with a pH of 5.8 to 6.2 and a medium initial nutrient charge (EC 0.75 mmhos/cm).


Sow 1 seed per cell in 288 or larger plug tray. In Europe, 264-cell trays can be used. Covering seed with vermiculite is recommended.

Stage 1 – Germination begins at Day 4 to 5 continuing through Day 14

Soil temperature

• Maximum and fastest germination occurs at 77° F/25°C.

• At 68°F/20°C, maximum germination is achievable; however, it is not as rapid as at 77° F/25°C and requires 3 to 5 additional days to complete Stage 1.

• Slower, less synchronized and more uneven germination is possible at temperatures below 65° F/18°C.

• Temperatures of, or exceeding, 86°F/30°C may lower final germination rates.

Light: Optional.

Moisture: Keep soil wet (level 4) during Stage 1.

Humidity: Maintain 95%+ relative humidity (RH) until radicles emerge.

Plug Production

Stage 2

Soil temperature: 71 to 73°F (21 to 22°C)

Light: Up to 2,500 f.c. (26,900 Lux)

Moisture: Reduce soil moisture slightly (level 3 to 4) to allow the roots to penetrate into the media.

Fertilizer: Apply fertilizer at rate 1 (less than 100 ppm N/less than 0.7 mS/cm EC) from nitrate-form fertilizers with phosphorous.

Stage 3

Soil temperature: 68 to 70°F (20 to 21°C)

Light: Up to 2,500 f.c. (26,900 Lux)

Moisture: Allow media to dry further until the surface becomes light brown (level 2) before watering. Keep the moisture level to wet-dry cycle (moisture level 4 to 2).

Fertilizer: Same as Stage 2.

Growth regulators: Generally not needed

Stage 4

Soil temperature: 65 to 67°F (18 to 19°C)

Light: Up to 5,000 f.c. (53,800 Lux) if temperature can be controlled.

Moisture: Same as Stage 3.

Fertilizer: Same as Stage 2.


‘Cheyenne Spirit’ is a short day-long day plant. Therefore, best flowering occurs either with short day then long day conditions or a constant 13 to 14 hours daylength. In short day-long day conditions, short day (9 to 10 hours) can be provided either in the large plug/liner stage after 2 true leaves or can be provided posttransplant. The duration of the short day conditions is 6 weeks. In conditions where short days cannot be provided, these are the recommended sow dates:

Latitude lower than N35°: no limits

N36° – N40°: no later than week 9

N41° – N45°: no later than week 8

N46° – N50°: no later than week 7

N51° – N55°: no later than week 6

Growing On to Finish

Container Size

1801 or 304 tray: 1 plug per cell

“Information copied from the breeder.
Muller will not accept any liability for failure and/or damage as a consequence of incorrect and/or inexpert cultivation by or on behalf of the Buyer.”