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A marvellous white bee attraction that’s what this compact Calamintha from seed will create in the garden! Its large, striking, white flowers are produced in profusion on upright spikes above the foliage. This first-year flowering perennial flowers within 12 weeks from a spring sowing and will bring white to the garden all summer long. The sweet, mint smell of the fresh, mid-green foliage attracts butterflies and bees. This outstanding garden performer makes a great filler in sunny borders, but can also be used as a superb edging for walks. Planted in pots, this beauty brings both colour and fragrance to the patio.
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CALAMINTHA nepeta MARVELETTE WHITE is available for purchase in increments of 500 seeds.



  • Novelty Characteristics:

    First year flowering perennial with a new colour, compact plant habit and large flowers

  • Colour:


  • Flower:

    Single – 1cm diameter

  • Flowering Period:

    12 weeks after a spring sowing until autumn

  • Type:

    Perennial, O.P., Diploid

  • Use:


  • Seed:

    Approx. 3000 seeds per gram, minimum germination rate 90%

  • Plant:

    Dome shape plant form. Height: 20 cm Spread: 30 cm

  • Growing:

    Sowing for pot production in autumn and in spring from week 5 at 18° C. After germination, keep plants slightly moist to dry. Pinching and PGR not required. Grow at 14-18°C and transplant after 4 weeks. Direct sowing in the garden from week 18. Plant out after 4 weeks, using 1-3 plants for a 10-12 cm container. Plant out in garden later 10-16 plants/m² in a bed on a sunny, half sunny or shady spot.

  • Planting:

    16 Plants per m²

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