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Beautiful, flat moschata, slightly speckled Chirimen is a real beauty with its flat and round shape and its light speckles. When ripe, it´s terra cotta in color and weighs about 1-3 kg (2-6.5 lbs.). The pulp is great for use in the kitchen and, like most moschata, Chirimen is quite fit for storage.
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CUCURBITA CHIRIMEN is available for purchase in increments of 5 gram.



Cucurbita moschata Days to maturity: 110
Moderate vining Curcubita moschata usually are very rich in beta carotene.

Cucurbita moschata need a lot of warmth and should be precultivated. That way, varieties with a maturing period of up to 110 days grow even in colder regions.

When sowing, leave spaces accordingly to this plant´s vining behaviour.

Possible Pests and diseases: snails, birds, mice, lice, powdery mildew

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