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Selection from Japan, smaller and more uniform than Black Futsu. Hidemi bears beautiful fruit, ripening from dark green to brown. Its plants are short vining and should be planted closely. Ideal household size of 1-1.5 kg (2-4.5 lbs). Hidemi`s pulp tastes nut-like, and children love it uncooked. Hidemi is an so far unknown variety which was sent to us by a Japanese woman. We named this sort after her.
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CUCURBITA HIDEMI is available for purchase in increments of 5 gram.



Cucurbita moschata Days to maturity: 100
Moderate vining Curcubita moschata usually are very rich in beta carotene.

Cucurbita moschata need a lot of warmth and should be precultivated. That way, varieties with a maturing period of up to 110 days grow even in colder regions.

When sowing, leave spaces accordingly to this plants vining behaviour.

Possible Pests and diseases: snails, birds, mice, lice, powdery mildew

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