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Compactness and early flowering makes 'Loran' an ideal variety for professional bedding plant growers. Consumers will enjoy big and nicely shaped fruit throughout whole summer.
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FRAGARIA F1-LORAN is available for purchase in increments of 250 seeds.



Plug production

Plug growers appreciate very much fast and even germination of strawberry 'Loran'.
Total production time for plugs is shortest in our assortment.

High Density Culture

Strawberry 'Loran' develops compact plant with eye-catching deep green leaf colour.
Clearly more early flowering and more narrow earliness window than with 'Cezan'.
Difference with 'Cezan' in total raising time from sowing until first flower: app. one week.
Few to no runners: this characteristic makes Loran well suitable for high density culture in 9 - 12 cm pots.
In your garden flowers of 'Loran' come in waves.
After first flower trusses some runners may appear.
Plant of 'Loran' will keep its compact habit in the garden. 

Fruit characteristics

Conical, big fruits makes 'Loran' an attractive addition to your vegetable and fruit garden.
Bright, deep red coloured fruit of 'Loran' comes with deep red fruit flesh.
Taste and aroma of 'Loran' are quite similar to strawberry 'Elan'.

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