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This nice vigorous plant produces abundant apple blossom flowers and aromatic fruit throughout whole summer.
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FRAGARIA F1-ROMAN is available for purchase in increments of 250 seeds.




Sowing of strawberry 'Roman' is equal to strawberry 'Elan': same large seedling.
Production time for plugs of 'Roman' is very much comparable with Elan.

Culture for finished product 

Vigorous plants with deep green leaves of 'Roman' make few runners. 
These characteristics make 'Roman' suitable for hanging basket culture.
Big, semi-double flowers on somewhat long flower trusses with attractive apple blossom pink colour makes 'Roman' a real seller! 

Fruit characteristics

Oblongate fruit shape, middle sized, with deep red colour.
Last but not least: special aromatic fruit flavour of 'Roman' makes the difference. .

“Information copied from the breeder.
Muller will not accept any liability for failure and/or damage as a consequence of incorrect and/or inexpert cultivation by or on behalf of the Buyer.”