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Flower heads with primrose yellow petals and dark center
Unique habit, basal branching
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HELIANTHUS annuus IKARUS is available for purchase in increments of 500 seeds.



Helianthus annuus

Culture guide

Plants for bedding, cut flower production


Garden height:
47" / 120 cm

Crop time:
10-12 weeks

Sow time:
Indoor forcing: March-August, sowing in intervals; Outdoor forcing: April-Mid July

Sowing method:
1-2 seeds per plug, sowing directly into field is recommended

5 days at 65-75 °F (18-24 °C). Supplemental lighting during plug germination improves quality. Stage II 70 °F (21 °C). Increased light levels during plug production to control seedling stretch are beneficial to overall crop quality. Stage III & IV reduce temperatures to 62 °F (17 °C), begin feeding at 100-150 ppm.

Growing On:
Direct sow seed or transplant at two true leaf stage. Space seed or seedlings at 5x5’‘ (12x12 cm). Begin fertilizing at 100 ppm nitrogen after transplanting. Increase fertilization to 200-250 nitrogen in a well-balanced mix after three weeks. Maintain temperatures above 68-72 °F (20-22 °C) for improved stem length and flower quality. Fertilize weekly at 200-250 ppm nitrogen. Do not allow plants to become dry as leaf scorch can occur. Late day watering can also contribute to foliage disorders.

Field: Before sowing treat substrate with herbicide or fight the weeds mechanically and fertilize the field. The seeds should develop without any plant concurrence. Standard fertilization: 100-120 g/m² of a slow release fertilizer. Greenhouse: Use a well-drained, growing substrate with 15-30 % clay, 1-3 kg/m³ complete balanced fertilizer, 0-2 kg/m³ slow release fertilizer (3-6 months), iron-chelate, micronutrients, pH: 5.5-6.2.

Field: cultivation is possible from April onwards. Grow at 15-18 °C . Cultivate flowering plants not below 12 °C.
Helianthus plants do not tolerate frost.

Field: N min soil value: approximately 150 g/m². Avoid high nitrogen levels in soil. Temperatures below 10 °C can be a cause for iron and phosphate deficiency.
Greenhouse: High fertilization levels are required. Fertilize the crop weekly with 200-250 ppm nitrogen, using a potassium balanced fertilizer (N: K2O-ratio: 1:1,5). Avoid high ammonium and high nitrogen levels. Prevent magnesium deficiency by applying magnesium sulphate (0,05 %) 1-2 times and in case of iron deficiency apply iron-chelate for 1-2 times.

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Muller will not accept any liability for failure and/or damage as a consequence of incorrect and/or inexpert cultivation by or on behalf of the Buyer.”